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About Me

My own musical journey started as a guitarist and musician playing in many semi-professional bands from 1995 - 2007, recording and supporting a full album release in 2003. Around this time I started providing private guitar lessons. I still love teaching music, even though I've been doing it for a while. I believe that learning about music should be as exciting and engaging for you as it is for me, which is why each lesson is catered to your needs and personal goals!

I am a music graduate with a First Class Honours degree (BMus) from the University of Huddersfield, 2015. I also hold a Masters degree (by research) in composition, graduating with Distinction in 2017.

I discovered a passion for composition as well as researching and writing about video game music through my studies. If you would like to read any of my writing or see some of the experimental projects I completed as a student, including my MA thesis, please visit my composer profile website where everything is available for free!

My guitar tuition and piano tuition are by far the most popular tuition services, but I also offer tuition in many other areas including ukulele tuition, theory of music tuition, composition tuition and much more!


I have been a passionate musician since I was very young, starting by learning recorder at school. I have come a long way since then, being a professional full-time music tutor since 2003!

My musical experience spans over 20 years which includes music tuition, live performances, studio recording, composition, workshops and achieving the highest grades in academic study. A brief summary includes:

• working as a professional music tutor for over 14 years in Rotherham

• formal qualifications across several instruments and music theory which I continue to develop

• countless live gigs and performances in band, ensemble and solo formats

• composing music for internationally recognised professional musicians for performance in concerts, masterclasses and workshops

• recording, producing and supporting a commercial release with an independent record label

• confidence with both Mac- and Windows-based professional-grade recording software

• confidence with many different types of music-making in all popular music genres, classical guitar repertoire, contemporary, experimental music and free improvisation

• studying various styles and genres of music through teaching and personal development

• continued academic development through graded syllabi such as Rockschool, ABRSM, Trinity London and beyond

Degree in Music - BMus (Hons) - First Class

Studying for this qualification involved:

• composition over the full three years of study

• tradition theory of music: counterpoint, harmony, analysis and history

• popular music studies including theory and history

• composing music for the moving image

• improvisation

• continuing to develop performance skills

• improving music technology skills through computer composition

• music history - from the medieval, through the romantic era and to music of the 21st century

• examining art and music through the 20th and 21st centuries

• music in educational contexts which included a placement

• enhanced academic research and writing skills

• aural tests

Master of Arts (by Research) - Distinction

Studying for this advanced qualification involved:

• composing music for traditional instruments through a portfolio of pieces

• composing using video through a portfolio of pieces

• interdisciplinary research and practice

• original video content creation

• planning and post-production of video: camera, lighting and screening

• video editing across several suites

• planning and writing of a thesis (ca. 20,000 words)

• knowledge of research practices

• conducting original research

• web design

• database and data management

During my studies at University I continued to deliver music tuition at Get Sorted Academy of music. My part time tuition at Get Sorted allowed me to focus on a small number of students while also achieving the highest grades possible in my own studies.