James Fox's Music Tuition

Rotherham and Sheffield


The new studio so far - a work in progress

Over the summer holiday ROAR kindly gave up their office so that I may move my tuition closer to the gallery space, away from the drama theatre and into a larger room: thank you so much for this!

Once we had moved everything over from the old studio space (it's amazing how much stuff collects after three years in the same studio space), my wife and I set to organising and arranging furniture. We considered how the space would be used in a post-COVID environment and beyond. The new space affords plenty of room for social distancing measures to be in place. 

Please have a look at the studio as it is so far - there's plenty more to do and a lot has changed since these photos were taken. 

I look forward to being able to get in there and start face-to-face teaching again when it is safe to do so!