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Rotherham and Sheffield


New for 2022!

Hello all and Happy New Year!

No doubt everyone's winter holiday has been relaxing and you're now ready and renewed to get back into the swing of things!

I've taken some time to relax but I've also been examining international candidates over the winter break and thinking of ways I can offer better music education to everyone.

I'm really pleased to announce that new for 2022 is Recorded Video Feedback (working title in progress...)! This is a great opportunity for existing students and anyone else to receive feedback tailored to anything they need without leaving their home.

I've noticed that some people enjoy learning online, using platforms such as YouTube. However, often they're unable to receive feedback on their progress or are just unsure if what they're doing is right. This is where I can help...!

It's very simple: record a video of you demonstrating what you'd like feedback on using your phone / tablet / computer camera, send it to me along with an email containing sheet music or anything else as needed - simple!

Some popular topics for recorded video feedback include:

• advice on which grade to sit now or next (this option is very popular!)
• preparing to enter a music exam with any board (online or face-to-face exams) for both practical and theory of music exams
• proper technique: answering your 'am I doing this right??' questions
• checking speed and accuracy
• reading / understanding / playing written music (checking your understanding and accuracy)
• checking whether a song you've learned via online lessons or by yourself is accurately performed

Pricing is flexible and much more affordable than committing to regular or scheduled lessons!

So, if this sounds like something you'd be keen on trying, please check out my info for Recorded Video Feedback