James Fox's Music Tuition

Rotherham and Sheffield

James Fox

Excellent Music Tuition at Competitive Prices

Music tuition is available between 2 - 8pm on weekdays

The cost of lessons per student are:

£14 for a 30 minute session

• £24 for a 60 minute session

I offer some of the most competitive prices for knowledgeable and experienced music tuition in Rotherham.

To book, call or send a text to me on 07849012962, send me an email info@musictuitionrotherham.co.uk or message me via Facebook!

At times, I may have to alter my prices but I will give notice of any changes.

Online Tuition

Music tuition is also available through Skype and other video messaging services. This is my newest approach to music tuition, designed to enable people to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Music lessons via email are also proving popular, especially for theory of music tuition.

My prices for online tuition are the same as tuition in person, so do get in touch on 07849012962 if this interests you!
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Grading Music Theory Papers

I also offer a mock exam service for music theory tuition which takes the form of practice papers which will then be graded outside of the lesson.

Due to the nature of the exam questions, grading them can take some time. In order to keep the cost to the student down, I recommend each student complete three mock papers which will then be graded.

The price of grading papers starts from £7.50, so please get in touch with me to discuss your needs!

Examination Invigilation

James has prior experience as an examination invigilator, so please get in touch if you would like to book me to invigilate your examinations!