James Fox's Music Tuition

Rotherham and Sheffield

James Fox

Local Music Venues

Live music is fantastic! The music, the atmosphere, the chance to get away from the usual routine and be surrounded by like-minded folk - it’s just fantastic. I also believe that experiencing performances of live music stimulates creativity and inspires our own desire to perform. This is why I’ve included some of the best performance venues in Rotherham and Sheffield.

Rotherham’s music scene is blossoming with The Bridge Inn and The Trades both on offering very different music but both on the same street! There is so much music crammed into the town centre!

The Bridge Inn is situated in Rotherham town centre, about two minutes’ walk from the bus and train stations, making it easy to get to if you want to leave the car at home. The Bridge Inn has been hosting an ‘Acoustic Night’ for years, which run every Thursday. The Bridge Inn has local real ale and many music nights throughout the week including open mic nights in which anyone can get up and play, jazz nights and live music every weekend.

The Grapes can be found on Tippet Lane in Sheffield City centre, not far from the University. The Grapes has a vibrant history of music with Arctic Monkeys being one of them! With live music six nights a week it is likely you will find something to enjoy. The Grapes has a delightful vibe with fantastic architecture both inside and out. The staff are passionate about music and ale, which are good enough reasons to check out The Grapes whenever you can!

The Trades is heralded as Rotherham’s own rock venue! Following a refurbishment in 2015, the Trades has had a vibrant and consistent line up of rock acts with a jam-packed calendar. Although well-known as a rock venue, The Trades has an excellent atmosphere and is right in the centre Rotherham, two minutes from the bus and train stations. Visiting bands and musicians from around the country mingle with local talent at The Trades as they welcome serious musicians from around the country. Keep an eye on the events page!

Rotherham Civic Theatre opened in 1960 and has been a central part of the town’s musical and theatrical identity ever since! The theatre’s reputation has attracted some larger named musicians as well as fantastic musicals and pantomimes. The Civic’s calendar is bursting full of live music as well as family-friendly fun, so check them out and see what they have to offer!

Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance (ROAR) is not strictly a music venue but does have a dedicated performance space which I hope to be negotiating to use as a performance space for all students! Keep a look out for updates on this…

Rotherham Real Ale and Music Festival is a massive festival filled with real ale and music - what more is there to be said?! Well, it’s been running for 23 years and is regularly hosted at Magna in Rotherham. There are amazing tribute acts as well as local musical talent to keep you entertained over a full weekend! A bus service runs right to the front door of Magna so you can leave the car at home!

West Street Live is positioned in Sheffield city centre with live bands every night of the week! They have a really easy booking system if you’re looking to perform in a great venue in Sheffield! West Street Live and The Grapes are only one street apart from each other! Why not see what both venues have going on and visit them both in the same evening!

Whiston Festival of Brass is an amazing day out for all the family. The day is centred around local brass bands marching through the village centre to the main stage where they perform in competition against each other. The Festival sees many local colliery bands competing against each other for the day in a fun-filled musical event! The brass festival is one of my personal favourites, hosted every year in July with food, beer and children’s play and entertainment, what more could a family want…?! Let’s hope for plenty of sunshine!