James Fox's Music Tuition

Rotherham and Sheffield

James Fox

Composition Lessons

I believe that discussing and uncovering the aims and musical tastes of each student from the very first lesson is essential. Rather than dictating what the student should be composing, I find that composition tuition work well when the student brings in work which we can discuss and develop in the composition lesson together.

I find that many composers often struggle with getting started. I’ve been there before too and can help you focus by creating unique exercises, along with clear but fair and flexible time-frames, so you have something solid to aim for.

We will work on your musical creativity together at your own pace!

I find that most students typically have a great idea in mind - a song on the tip of the tongue, or a desire to take their writing to the next level - so my approach is to empower them right from the start.


• strings, wind, brass, piano, voice
• electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, electronics
• arrangment and orchestration
• arranging tracks for your album


• writing for your Rockschool exams
• composing in music theory exams
• awesome guitar solos
• funky bass riffs
• smokin’ hot drum fills


• contemporary
• experimental
• improvisation
• installation
• soundscape

Experienced Composition Tutor

I have a personal interest in musical composition, having studied for Master of Arts (by research) in composition at the University of Huddersfield and passing with Distinction. I guide students to reach their goals and do not dictate the direction of their work.

From my own experience studying composition I have found that having someone else listen to my compositions, or to simply chat with someone about my ideas, reveals possibilities I had never even thought of. Sometimes all you need to do is talk with someone who shares a similar passion for composition!

An Active Composer

Composing music is one of my main creative outputs and I regularly work on creating new pieces and actively search for new commissions. I also conduct research into new and intriguing ways of making music!

I write music for multiple instruments from traditional instruments like strings, wind, percussion and piano to genres of popular music including rock, pop, metal, grunge and punk - I have a very diverse set of skills. I also compose audiovisual music and experiment with technology and new approaches to composition.
Glasses and notation

Student Album Releases

Some of my composition and songwriting students have worked on solos and improvisations for exam syllabi, pieces and exercises during their composition lessons. Many students write for their band or solo project with some having even released an album!