James Fox's Music Tuition

Rotherham and Sheffield

James Fox


Guitar was my first instrument and is one of my main areas of instrumental tuition. I am totally engaged with everything related to guitars, amps and effect pedals.

I offer professional tuition on electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and classical guitar at any level from complete beginner to the advanced player.

Although reading music notation is not for every guitarist I can help all students with learning to read, understand and use sheet music in their playing through guitar lessons. I also make music theory a breeze to understand by linking it to the music you enjoy!

Learn the best solos from some of the world's greatest bands!

Learn how to get your own sound and create your own solos!

Master amazing pieces that YOU want to learn!

With expert tuition and support, no technique is off limits!

Fuzzy bass guitar
Classical guitar tuning pegs
Smashed guitar
Bass guitar headstock
Electric guitar
Acoustic and classical guitar

Develop Your Own Style

When it comes to style I help each guitarist to bring out their personality through guitar lessons and pour it into their playing to create their own unique music.

I cater my guitar tuition to the individual needs of each guitar student through my 15 years of experience. I can help you to achieve the sound and technique you’re searching for!

Enhance Your Technique

Some guitar players find it difficult to work on technique by themselves. I tailor my guitar tuition to enhance your technique so that speed, strength and stamina are established through your guitar lessons.

I can also help with guitar maintenance and changing your guitar strings, if that’s something that gets you tied up in knots!