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This is where I invite previous and current students to have their say on how my music tuition has helped or continues to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

My Facebook page and Google Maps both have more reviews from past and current students, so please check them out, too!

Lauren - grade 8 guitar, grade 5 theory of music

"I began studying Acoustic guitar and music theory with Mr Fox in October 2017, in pursuit of achieving grade 5 theory and grade 8 guitar by Summer 2018. Having limited theory knowledge and only grade 5 guitar, there was a long way to go, yet attending lessons with James turned this aspiration into a reality.

With the help and guidance of James I was able to not only pass both my exams but achieve a merit in both, within the short period of time. Weekly lessons with James were a joy. He was always very accommodating and patient, and made learning interesting through using different methods to clearly explain difficult concepts. He was always on hand throughout the week to provide any extra advice, via Email.

Passing my music exams has provided me with a gateway to studying music at university, achieving unconditional offers. I feel that James’ knowledge and experience of music in higher education played a big role in this and I owe him a lot of credit.

James has been an excellent tutor, whom I would highly recommend to anyone, whatever your musical ability. Through his tuition, I was able to unlock my true potential as a musician, and am now looking forward to enrolling at university this September!

Jacob - guitar, music theory and composition

"In January 2010 I decided I would like to learn to play the guitar. I was a complete novice having never picked up the instrument before. From day one James was patient and very enthusiastic and his love of the guitar can’t help but be passed on. He always seems to find a way to get you over any hurdles you may encounter.

James is brilliant at building up a rapport with his pupils so that you feel completely comfortable asking what may seem like a daft question. 5 years later, thanks to James’s teaching, I am part of a 4 piece band that is now gigging regularly around Sheffield and the UK.

I have not got a bad word to say about James and can’t recommend him highly enough to anybody wishing to learn the guitar."

Jacob plays guitar for The Wired. Check out their Facebook page!

Pauline - classical guitar

"James is a brilliant teacher, he is enthusiastic when teaching you to learn all that he knows, and his encouragement really helps you to give your best.

James always makes sure you understand what he has explained, that you understand what and how to practise at home and he always listens to your questions with the patience of a saint.

I highly recommend him as a teacher!"

Krys - guitar, music theory, composition and notation

"I’ve been learning with James for a while now, passing several exams on the electric guitar along the way. More recently I’ve taken a greater interest in music theory and composition. I’m currently transcribing pieces I love and notating some that don’t have an existing notation!

Learning with James is always interesting and is a highlight of my week.

Whether learning to pass exams or for the pure pleasure of music, there is always a friendly atmosphere - highly recommended."

Emily - Piano

"My daughter Emily first started music lessons with Mr Fox due to an unexpected closure of her previous music lessons. She was only 7 years old when she was faced with a new teacher and she was apprehensive at first. One of her requirements for a new teacher was that they were funny! Along came Mr Fox.

Before my daughters’ first lesson Mr Fox discussed what he could offer and I explained how I thought my daughter learnt best. She responds well to praise/recognition for her efforts and wanted it to be fun.

Every week Mr Fox is enthusiastic, encouraging but also keeps her on track with moving forward and has the ability to remember personal issues relevant to Emily ie school plays etc. His style of teaching really suits my daughter in that he is fun, asks questions of her understanding in a manner suitable to her age and vocabulary. This provides a deeper knowledge to her skill around the theory rather than just being able to play the notes.

I would recommend his teaching style and setup to other parents who have young children wanting to learn to play the piano. She has certainly progressed in a relatively short period of time with lesson once a week and small amounts of practice at home."

Monica - Ukulele

"As a Senior Citizen learning to play my first-ever musical instrument (ukulele), I have found James to be friendly, informative, encouraging and very patient. His love of music is apparent and his enthusiasm is infectious. Lessons are tailor-made to suit students' aspirations or needs – I would recommend him to prospective students of any age."

Stewart - Piano

"I am an older person learning the piano. I am making good progress and enjoying my lessons with James who is very patient and encouraging."